Navigating the Art World

Whether it be high or low priced pieces, Hilow is all about making the process a lot easier and less intimidating. Let us go down the endless rabbit hole of art and galleries and get you to that perfect piece of art. In the meantime here is a list of services we offer in addition to sourcing art.

Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are a great way to decorate and personalize a blank space. They’re also the perfect place to create some major impact. We play with proportions and frames to create a one of a kind look- one we especially love to add to hallways and unexpected nooks.
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Art Direction

The goal with art direction is to help you make the most out of the art you own. We’ll come in and re-style your walls using what you have. This service was originally developed as a way to help our clients moving into new spaces, but has evolved into something we almost always do in some way. It’s like a domino effect- one move can change everything and give you a whole new outlook (and appreciation) for pieces you already own.
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Interior Styling

Every design project is unique, but the styling is really where we get to have some fun. Whether it be through found objects across industries, or the ones in your home, we help give your space a look and feel that sets it apart from the rest. Our styling technique is unique, always a mix of high and low, and forever functional.
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Framing is such an integral part of completing any piece of art. We get to know the art and select a frame that will yield the desired aesthetic. The framing process is another way to get creative and amp up your piece. We provide framing for newly purchased pieces as well as reframing of existing pieces. You’ll be surprised what a reframe can achieve.
Included in all our services is acquisition of purchased pieces, price analysis & diligence, transportation & delivery, and always lots of TLC

Are you a company that is looking to collaborate with artists?

We help select artists that align with your brand to design limited edition packaging, marketing collateral, etc.  If you would like to learn more let us know!


When we moved into our house we stared at our blank walls for months not knowing where to even begin. I have always been able to look at pictures of completed rooms in magazines and love different styles but when it came to actually picking out art for our walls I felt completely lost and had no idea where to even begin. After meeting with Lindy and Rachel, they were able to instantly help us identify a vision for the space.
- Marisa A.
"As someone who knows very little about art, Hilow was exactly what I needed to help me finish decorating my house. Lindy and Rachel are the dream team! They asked all of the right questions and provided a beautiful presentation of several options that proved they were listening to me. They are a fun, knowledgeable, and creative team that will help make your house into a home that you are excited to live in. I highly recommend working with Hilow and plan to hire them again very soon."
- Tali B.

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