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Hilow is a Palm Beach based concierge service that helps people acquire unique and personal pieces of art at any given price point. We have the eye, skill and talent needed to fill walls.

You don't need to know art to love art.

It's true. You don’t need an art degree to be a collector, you need Hilow. We provide access to art via relationships with artists across the board: whether emerging, high end, or blue chip. Rather than working with a specific type of artist or genre—we focus on the walls, and the people who live within them.
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What our clients are saying...

“Lindy and Rachel presented ideas that felt both personal and unexpected. It's the service you never knew you needed."
"Hilow truly infused high and low, old and new, established and emerging.”
"They are thinking of the unexpected, constantly creating the unexpected and are always looking to create the unexpected."
"Hilow provided a customized approach to buying art. I had a great experience and so much fun!"
“I never knew how attainable it was to buy art. Lindy and Rachel were reliable and came up with ideas I never would have thought."

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why we hilow

To elevate our customers’ spaces by way of carefully curated, completely personal artworks, prints, sculptures and interior design ideas.
To champion the careers, honor the work of, and spur the secondary market for visual artists, —whether they’re well known or emerging.
To nourish and grow the local and nationwide art scenes by creating a community of art appreciators.
To bring art and design, culture,  uniqueness, and an inspiring freshness to spaces, neighborhoods and cities everywhere.

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