The Hilow Way

Our mission is clear - to make buying art more attainable.
We do this by creating a sense of comfort through getting to know our clients. Each project is a chance to create something truly personalized and special. We mix high and low because we live Hilow. Our dedication to customer satisfaction has strengthened every space Hilow has made unique.

Our Story

Behind Hilow is a pair of passionate, enthusiastic co-founders, Lindy and Rachel, whose love for interiors often fueled conversations about the importance of walls when making spaces feel personal and complete.

A shared love for the Hilow lifestyle soon became a business partnership and adventure these founders knew they wanted and a service that was needed.  Lindy and Rachel left their fashion marketing and product development careers to pursue a passion.  In doing so, an advisory business that answers a need for improved living and working spaces emerged.

Hilow is a lifestyle of mixing high and low, from clothes, to travel and everything in between, and they have the same approach to dressing up walls and styling spaces in an un intimidating and attainable way.

frequently asked questions

Help! I have no idea what style art I like
There’s so much good stuff out there, sometimes it’s hard to pick a lane. We’ll help you figure it out. We’ll send some visuals and mockups of what we think will look best and from there we can work together and come up with a more specific direction. It’s all part of the process.
I only need art for one wall, is that ok?
Of course! We’re just as happy to do one wall as we are to do an entire house.
Can you help me style my coffee table? And bookshelf? And maybe a few other places?
We’d love to! Finding unexpecting objects is such an awesome way to add a personal touch. We search hi and low for these pieces too, always mixing what we find with what you already own.
Where do you find all this art from?
Honestly, from everywhere. Obviously the internet is a major help, but that’s usually just the jumping point. The best is when we can reach out to artists and other people we’ve met along the way. We love making these connections and collaborating with other creatives.
Is it one size fits wall or are there options? I’ve got some big empty walls.
Don’t we all! There’s definitely not a formula to the way we work. Each wall is unique and we love taking the time to think about how best to approach each project.
Does the art you source have to be an investment?
Define investment. The art you collect should make you feel something. The art we source depends on how much you feel comfortable spending.
When partners disagree. We might. Can you help?
Don’t we all? You might, and if you do, we feel confident our process will help you get to where you want to be. Sometimes it takes time. We might show you a lot and then we’ll filter through the pieces together to get you to a place where you both feel excited about the purchase.
Do you work with clients outside of Florida?
All the time! We’ve got clients all over the country.
Are you mostly working with people looking for art or do you work with artists too?
Always both. We love bringing collectors and creators together.
I love the idea of collecting, but where to start?
With us! We know the feeling, we’ll help you through.


Hilow is all about collabs. We love working with other creatives, it’s a major source of energy and inspiration for us. Whether you are a designer, architect, realtor or other- reach out! We would love to hear from you and find a way to merge talents and develop something fresh. We’re always checking in with creators and brainstorming ways to spread some art and culture across the community. Check us out and take a look at our unique process.

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